Friday, September 19, 2014

New Life Plan

Hi everyone! I'm extremely excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, today I talked with some different councilors and professors on campus, and figured out that I'm dropping Business. Why? I'm not good at math, my dyslexia makes me want to flip numbers or flip steps etc, and I thought it was really dry. After 6 freaking math courses I'm officially done with it. -.- Why I didn't find this out sooner is quite depressing. Oh well, I'll be able to do Communications and a Non-profit Certification. What my new life plan is finish college, volunteer for a year (have to work out those plans), and then go to get my Masters with the scholarship I just got from volunteering, and quite possibly work while getting my Masters and get off scott free. Oh, and if I work for Non-profit I may be able to get my current loans payed off. This plan is elaborate but so exciting! And, of course, be a part time writer. :) Even if I do make it big I'd probably want a day job, or at least part time, to make me social. Yes, force me to be social, otherwise I'd be consumed by the Internet.

For editing I do need to catch up but, since my group wants to start meeting for our presentation on Wednesday on Monday (Yay for planning ahead and giving sufficient time -.-) I have all weekend to edit! I may have to read 2 chapters, and probably should get ahead on music reading, but if I edit all weekend I can justify slacking off. I've been a hot mess today might as well relax!

So, I'm going to do some more research on the stuff I can do with a Communications major and the Non-profit! Other than the extremely obvious choice, because I like to make my life difficult, and see what other paths I can take with the degree. And, of course, edit my booty (Arggggh it's Pirates day matey. Walk off the plank! :-8) <- Pirate with a mustache)

As always, comment, contact me, or send a carrier pigeon to my house. If he finds it I won't think it's too creepy, just extremely creepy, and I may keep the pigeon.

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