Thursday, September 25, 2014

Temporary End of Courses

Hello everyone! I'm going to be heading into my music class soon. Tomorrow I have free, so I can start packing, but I'll probably be running errands for things. At least in my music class we are watching a movie. I may also run by Hobby Lobby in order to get some spray paint, since I wanted to make my little a gift, so hopefully my plan works out. I have a meeting tonight for ESA, I'll start trying to see who I would want for a little, and I'm super excited about that.

ANOTHER really really REALLY exciting thing is that I'm almost done with my editing! Granted, I sort of gave up with continuously adding details, but I've added a good chunk (an entire chapter for sure). So I'm really excited to put all the editing documents together into one and see how long it is compared to my Initial draft. And this way I can let my book sit for the 5 weeks while I'm gone. Once I get back I'm planning on getting editing done. Hopefully, I can sit done and read through it before winter term starts, and I'll also make notes to myself (most likely) while I'm on the Brazil trip for things to do and add.

Ok, so I have some busy times ahead of me! I'm super excited though but I just hope the time doesn't go by too quickly. And if I didn't already mention, 99% sure I didn't, going to the doctors was fine. I had to get one tiny stitch but it didn't hurt. I hope you all have wonderful days!!!!!!!!!!

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