Thursday, September 18, 2014

Over 1,000 page views!!!!

Hello everyone! Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I had tutoring and ESA so I've been pretty busy. I have to go in and meet some teachers tomorrow, whooo, and get some paperwork taken care of. I don't know if I mentioned this but now I'll be doing: Marketing and Communications with a Non Profit Leadership Certification! So, it's pretty exciting.

And, I can use it to market my book! Ok, that'll be down the road at least. I have to do some reading and write up a response so that's next to do on the agenda. I swear I'm going to be doing my editing soon. Tonight I only have to read part of what I didn't read for Wednesday, don't worry we didn't even touch that information, so I'm hoping for good editing time!

Hopefully this all comes together. Another good thing is that my editor can get in me in during November or December. And I'll have a week off before classes so, other than getting my school books in line, I can get to reading over my stuff one more time. Then I'll send off to him and be worried all day and all night. But I'll keep my mind busy by writing my second book! I'm hoping how I start my second book could help me make a cliff hanger for my first book. Right now it's kinda blah. So, I'll need to think of a good cliff hanger because I have a love/hate relationship with them.

Also I'm on over 1,000 page views. Whoo! I'm pretty excited about that. :) I'm thinking while I'm Brazil I'm going to set up AdSense or another advertising company since I may not be able to promote my blog as much. So, at least that's a possiblity. I seriously need to go do the rest of my work!

Annnnd if you noticed my the first letters of my paragraph makes "Hahaa"then you have noticed my very lame joke. :) Please comment or contact me!!!

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