Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gooooooood evening!

Hey everyone! Sorry to leave you all hanging! School work is piling up and everyone, myself included, is just r-e-a-d-y to go on the trip. I spent an hour online looking at jcpenneys and found some shirts and a couple pairs of shorts to order. I at least have 14 days before the trip so I should be able to get them in, try them on, and return the one's that don't work. Sadly, all of the shirts I like, are unavailable in my local stores. So, to be safe, I just ordered the size I thought would work and a size above to be on the safe side. :)

For the editing: I haven't gotten much done recently. But, as I just said, I have 14 days so that doesn't leave me much wiggle room! After this update I'm planning on reading the 2 chapters and then, hopefully, have time in the morning to edit. I don't like being this busy. I reallllyyyyyyyyyy want to get all my editing done so that way, for the 6 weeks, it can be the books resting time. But while I'm gone I'm going to try to keep making notes on things I want to change/add so then I'll actually remember. :)

Otherwise there aren't many updates. I'm getting a lot of followers on twitter, now you can just click the button to your right and follow me!, and I've gotten to find a lot of authors. I'm also almost to 1k page views! Whoooo. :) It stinks that I'm going to be possibly without wifi for 5 weeks. I wanted to keep updating everyone! I will be taking my surface because, if it were to get stolen, my grandma said she would give me hers. Even if it were stolen I wouldn't want to take her tablet. So it better not get stolen. :D

Ok, that's all. I noticed that lately I've been using "so" and :) excessively. I blame my tired brain.

Comments? Questions? Feel free to contact me by commenting or using the awesome contact form to the right!

psssssssssssssssss I found this site rafflecopter. If I were to self publish, and probably if I were published by another company, I really want to use that website!! :D

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