Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Super Short Update

Hello everyone! I'm especially stressed today. I have to turn in a freewrite paper, not that stressful, and finally meet with my group for the presentation tomorrow, very stressful! So, I may not be able to get online later. I really want to edit but, considering I didn't read the two readings for my music class yet, that wouldn't be a good idea. And tomorrow will be even busier. I have to go to Symposium day, an event my college holds, at 9 am, wait until 1:45-2:45 to present, go to Pro Fair at some point in the day, and then go to a doctors appointment. Yay.

So, most likely no editing tonight since I have to make changes to my resume. And, unless I magically get everything together, I probably won't post either. Have a lovely day and I'll try to tweet updates throughout the day. That is, if I get a free moment to!

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