Monday, September 1, 2014

Internet Problems!

Hello everyone! I've been having internet troubles with my tablet. It finally started working when I got home so that's good! Also my boyfriend had gotten a backlit keyboard, or they sent this instead when I returned my touch keyboard, so I snagged it! He enjoys poking at the screen so I saved $120+!

Editing is going well! I'm still so glad I decided to use Word to edit my writing. Otherwise I would have to go through and find every change and fix it. Now I can continue fixing things up and hopefully get it done before my trip. I also need to still create a few other races. Might as well make a few different races that are more mystical if I'm doing a fantasy book!

You know how I said my car was in the shop? Well, it was in the shop for a week, and then I ended up not having to drive it because my boyfriend was taking me to school. Guess who's brakes just went out? This unlucky gal! My mom was going to borrow my car, backed up, and didn't stop. So, now I still can't use my car. Yay.

Otherwise my other big announcement is that I'm at 900 followers on Twitter! I'm also over 600 page views and hope that keeps growing. I'm planning on advertising my blog more so hopefully I can continue to get new views. :) I'm STILL fighting with blogger and 1&1 for getting my domain changed. I have to do 3 more readings and I have a lot to do for Wednesday. So, if I can get a good chunk done tonight, I may start fighting with it again.

As always, please comment or contact me if you have feedback!!! :D

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