Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I survived!

Hello everyone! I managed to survive yesterday, barely, and actually got some good sleep for once. I still have a lot to do for this week (another music reading, 4 journal entries for music, 1 paper for Poli Sci [3 pgs at least], and probably a reading for Poli Sci). Which, doesn't seem that much, but I also have to survive through today! I'm still not looking forward to my art class. Weaving is not a talent I possess well. Basic, yes, other than that, not so much.  Also, ESA and tutoring tonight. yay.

So, book is still on the back burner but I'm thinking a lot for future books. I'm debating on something for the third book, I went back to original plot but for the second book I'm adding a few scenes, so hopefully I can clear that up soon. I'm really excited to start writing the second book! Of course, I haven't finished the editing for this book, but that's alright. :D

My side project for 20 lines hasn't been forgotten. More of postponed until I regain sanity.

The only other update is that my twitter is exploding! 930+! I'll be getting close to a thousand soon. At least with twitter it's easy to update and find more people. I'm also working on a GoodReads account. I'm planning on posting the link here soon and having a blog about it. :)

Hopefully you all have lovely days! If I do get the chance to edit and can update you guys I'll let you know. Otherwise, please comment or contact me. Literally it can be "Why is the sky blue?". :)

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