Sunday, September 28, 2014

Packing and Celebrating

Hello everyone! I have been quite busy. On Friday, I went to Walmart ($260 later) I bought everything I needed for my trip. But, of course, I've remembered other little things. But not too bad compared to how I normally I am! Then I had to go to volunteering and run some more errands. Saturday I didn't do too much and hung out with friends. And then today was my boyfriend's mom's birthday! So, I got her a gift the other day, and we went out for dinner. And I had an ESA meeting for our board, which I'm a junior chair, and I'm hoping next year I can get a higher spot.

So, I haven't done editing, which is about 60+ pages and I'm going to add a bit more. But this book has been on my mind non stop. I'm absolutely DYING to write the next book. I'm constantly thinking of the next story and writing it. :) Oh, and just to be forewarned, I have plot cliffs lined up for the ends of the first two books. :3

I realized I haven't done a social media update! I haven't done much with Google+ but Twitter is growing! I'm super excited and hoping that I'll be able to comment during my trip. :) So, if you're swinging by the site, look over at the Twitter feed and it might have a more accurate update! :D

Yeah, I thought I would have a lot more to write. I'm going to clean out my backpack a bit and then I'm planning on editing!!! :) And then tomorrow it'll be packing and continuing to get things together.

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