Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fried Brain

Hello all! It's super late and I'm planning on going to bed shortly. My ESA event went great and hopefully a lot of girls will come back for pledging. :D A major concern I'm having is taking my tablet to Brazil. I would be really upset if I did lose my tablet. But, on the other hand, I really wanted it so I could continuously upload my Brazil pictures so they'll be safe. So, I may be buying a cheap tablet, one I found was $50, so I may go that route. Then, that way if it gets broken or stolen, I won't be too upset. Although I would have to make sure that I kept my photos online or in a password file so it's not super easy to break into. I'm not stupid enough to put bad photos, let alone take them, on any device. Pull out an old school, stand there for 45 minutes attempting to smile the entire time, camera that can't hook up to the internet and then you're pictures will be safe. *hint to celebrities with 'the cloud'*

So. As my title says my brain is fried from trying to figure out tablet information for almost an hour and then finding out that it doesn't matter if it only has a micro usb, because apparently the connectors are super cheap, so welcome to the future people. Yeah. I should probably get some sleep. Anywho, planning on making a nice, coherant, blog post in the morning. Or afternoon. Ok, before midnight. I was good at having a schedule and then college came back into play. But, tomorrow I can edit, so that keeps me slightly awake at the moment.

Another thing. If I do buy cheap tablet and can't find a cheap keyboard I may not post as much. Or they will be extremely short posts such as "the beach is pretty!" etc etc. I'm thinking too far ahead. Who needs drugs to be this rambly, or have strange dreams, when I'm naturally like this when I get tired. Yay. My dad says I'm lucky. -.-

Ok, good night people, or if you're waking up go catch some more zzz's with a proper alarm on. You've earned it. But seriously, proper alarm = 20 alarms if you're that person. You know who you are.

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