Monday, September 22, 2014

Busy Weekend!

Hello everyone! Sorry for slacking on the posts. I almost forgot to go babysitting on Saturday, that would have been bad, and then Sunday I spent a lot of time editing. And I also watched at least 3 hours of the ER stories on TLC. :3 Some pretty interesting stuff and wondering how the heck they lived.

For editing, it's been really good. :D I had worked on a bit a while ago but stopped to think of what I could do next. Well, I sat down last night and half typed and half watched tv for 3 hours straight. Good news, that chapter is now 30 pages and has drama! Bad news, I'm tired and have a bunch of readings to do tonight and a paper tonight. Otherwise everything is good! The next few chapters will be easier to edit, since I wrote those first, and I've already been back to them once to look over it. :)

I haven't done much for advertising the blog yet. As I mentioned before, I may use AdSense unless I find another website that is better. My twitter is still growing at least and the blog views are going well. I still need to fight with the domain name but I'm waiting until tonight, and if I have good connection at home, I may try again.

Otherwise I don't have much to update. I have 9 days until Brazil and a lot more to edit. Wish me luck!

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