Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday was busy!

Hello everyone! So, this morning I knew I had to go meet my advisor, but she decided to let me know that I needed to come an hour early. I rushed to get ready and to get to Augustana. I found out that I'll need to take a course over the summer and also she thinks we can fit a Communications Major in. Yay. Since I didn't drop my Accounting major or French minor she wanted me to do so. I ran to the building where my accounting advisor used to be. I sent an email and then was able to meet up with my new Communications advisor. So, in order to get that major added, I also had to see another teacher, and she also has this certificate program for Non-Profits. Now I'll be involved in this program, have to take certain classes, and have a full time internship at a Non-Profit. It'll look great on my resume at least. I have a feeling I'll want to cry at some point about my scheduling Oh, and I wasn't able to meet with either teacher to drop the major and minor. -,-

Anyways, I haven't edited much because I've been fighting with my tablet to connect with the internet. Apparently something is wrong but yet my boyfriends laptop works. So, after I write up a quick letter, I'm planning on editing for a bit. I might not be able to edit all of my book before Brazil. :( I'm being optimistic but there's a lot to do still!

Well, that's about it. Other than using so a lot things are good. Have a good night/day/morning and you should all comment. :D

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