Thursday, August 21, 2014

Goooooood Morning! - The Bird is the Word.

Hello everyone! So, I wrote for a little bit last night, and then my mom needed the computer. -.- I have my Surface tablet but I can't write at nighttime. I really want the back lit keyboard but those are at least $125. Maybe I'll search the Internet and try to find a good deal. Good deals are always awesome.

Anyways, writing was going well. I just have to finish up this scene and then maybe add a chapter or two. I haven't really decided. Or, for the moment, I might just add the one and then decide when I edit it. I can't wait to start editing because I haven't put tabs in front of any of the paragraphs! My way of making sure I go through everything! I really do need to get it done by the 30th. Lulu has this deal where you can get one copy of your book for free. But, if I miss it, I'll do November Nanowrimo and hopefully it'll be more completed by then.

Also I am very bummed out right now. I thought, on the 17th, that my post went through! No, it's a draft, and I even wrote a longer post for it! Oh well, I might copy & paste the one section I wrote about but I haven't decided yet.

Woooooordddddd oofffff thhheeee dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! (Couldn't resist)

Ragamuffin - Essentially a homeless child was worn clothes.

I haven't gotten my other emails yet so I may do another Word of the Day. No one has tried my poll, that one vote was mine, because I wanted to test it.

Well, I'm going to run errands soon and I get to see my ESA big tonight! I'm super excited to see her again. :D Also, I promise I'll write more!

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