Thursday, August 21, 2014


The hypnotist was really cool. It was basically the same routine as from my first year. But, it was funnier with some people I knew up there, and the people made it really funny. I'll post the guys name tomorrow if I can remember it. He said it once and then never mentioned it again. I believe he's been on some tv shows and also helped MTV with some hypnotist shows.

I didn't get to write much today. I've been moving stuff around, running more errands before school starts, and haven't gotten much down time. I'm hoping this weekend I can actually have time to write! I may try to write a bit tonight as well but depends on how long I can stay awake.

BIGGGGGGGGGG news!!!! Yesterday, I had 80 page views!!!! That's the most I've ever received. *Throws confetti* so I've gotten over 300 views in the last 15 days. I know it's not a lot per day but it's certainly an awesome start. :)

Also, if you have Netflix, check out After the Dark. It's very philosophical but I enjoyed it. Makes you realize how things could turn out. And, how choices can affect you. However, I'm sure the book is probably better, The ending kind of killed some of the movie but I'm sure that it's similar to what the book was. Chip was a pretty smart man though.

Well, I'm going to try and write for a bit. I'll make a new blog post in the morning with an update and the word of the day!

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