Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Quick Book Update and Exciting News!

Hello everyone! I have gotten some of my final chapter written. It's actually getting longer than expected so I might need to make another chapter as the final chapter. That's a good thing for me! I'm hoping that I can get it done tomorrow and start writing some extra scenes before the weekend.

Also I have found an editor to do an initial look over of my work! It's at a really good price and I'll share the link once it's been completed. ;) I'm not going to give away my source quite yet. I can't wait to get the book completed and the first edit done. That means I would only have to fix changes, get beta readers, fix more changes with a possible second editor, and get ready to publish. 

At the very least I won't be publishing until after November. I want to get up to the point where I need beta readers before my trip to Brazil. That way I can also leave some time for my novel to sit and when I get back I can reread it. 

I need to get the initial draft done so I can claim a free hardcover copy of my book from Lulu! I think it'll help give me motivation to keep moving forward. And it'll help me see what options I have for self publishing.

Finally, I only have one more day left of my internship, unless they don't need my help. I was even paid today! The whole experience has made me want to look into Non-profits to work. However, next summer I may try to get a corporation job to see the differences and see which one I would prefer.

My quick blog has ended up quite long! I'm still collecting links. I really didn't think it would take this long. if I get enough views on that blog I'll make a page and keep updating it. 

As usual, comment away you quiet readers. :)

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