Thursday, August 14, 2014

Not working well with a schedule!

Hello everyone! I've been trying to post twice a day and get into a routine but obviously that hasn't worked yet. I've gotten over 160 page views and 533 followers. A few of my followers are publishing companies, smaller ones, but still awesome to have. I'm going to be working on my following soon because I reached the 2,000 limit. So, I'm trying to find people I follow that don't follow me back, and keeping the ones I want to follow.

I don't know how many of you have heard about Ferguson. I've been posting links through my twitter account to help share links. I watched one of the reporters showing how the police were shooting tear gas into a neighborhood. :( I'm just hoping the families inside weren't affected because of it. And the protesters were saying how they were peaceful. Hopefully Obama addresses it properly. Apparently it's already started for my time zone so I'm going to watch and see what their response is.

Yes, I still haven't completed my music list. I'm trying to track down links for songs I keep thinking of. I may just make a page on here so I can just start it up. That way I can keep updating that for anyone who is interested.

One VERY exciting thing is that I've gotten a commenter! And I've gotten feedback on Twitter about my blog as well.

I also just realized I've been on here over a week! *Throws confetti* 166 page views isn't too bad! Here's a quick look at my stats for countries viewing:

United States
United Kingdom

Pretty awesome if you ask me. Everyone need to keep sending their friends over though! :)

Quick update on book! I've written half of the final chapter. I'm still deciding on if I should continue on with more of the story or have that be the introduction to the next book. Do I start the second book out with action or do I have a calm before the storm? 

Have a suggestion? Have an opinion? Please comment! 

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