Friday, August 8, 2014

Late Post!

I was out and about shopping so I wasn't able to get on sooner. So, there are a few more updates!

First off my blog has gotten 66 views! We can do this! I was happy last night with 30 and throughout the day it's doubled. I'll try to add some more stuff to the blog might try to make my own background. I haven't done coding since Neopets!

Second, my twitter followers number has exploded! 60 followers was pretty cool but I'm up to 190!!! Yes, I will try not to use exclamation points as much but I'm just so excited for all of this. :)

Third, I've started playing with my Pinterest account more but haven't had a lot of success. I'll post the link to my pinterest page once it's up and going. Most likely my plan for tomorrow along with writing.

Finally, I will be writing soon! I'm almost to 50k. Once I finish another chapter and my current chapter then I'll go back and add details. Afterwards I can actually edit my work. If you would like to be a beta reader, even for just the first chapter would be a great hello, then please contact me! I also need an editor (preferably under $300 but even less would be great) and also someone to make my cover art. :)

I believe that is it for the current update. I may do a book comment blog in the near future and maybe tomorrow do a blog on some favorite books + authors.

Have a question? Really want to be the first commented? COMMENT! :)

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