Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hello World!

Hello! I'm starting this blog to motivate myself in completing my first novel. My plan is to create a trilogy with my book. I probably won't publish at least until November due to a trip to Brazil October 2nd until November. However I hope I can start writing my second book by hand on the trip.

My pen name is going to be Elizabeth Light. I decided to have a pen name because, as a female, my last name will most likely change in a few years. I have a wonderful boyfriend, about 3.5 years now, and he's helped me figure out this name.

I'm a junior in college and I'm going for Business Management and Marketing. Now, you may be wondering, why bother with Business when you want to write? Well, for starters, I dislike my colleges Creative Writing teachers. I've met them and they don't seem worth the time. And, secondly, I've been drawn to Business for quite a while. I'm a Gemini so a lot of careers have made me interested in them but, consistently, I go back to the Business field. Plus, it'll help for when I publish.

Most likely I will go the self published route. Why? I want control over my book and a book company would have to really impress me before I chose that route. But, if I did get a good deal from a publishing company, I would definitely consider it.

My novel is going to be a fantasy novel with dragons, fairies, knights, and more! Stay posted and I'll release more information on my book.

Lastly, please comment if you have any questions! I would love to get into the habit of responding to posts. :) I also plan on creating a twitter account soon. Once my novel is written and I decide on a title name I'll make a Facebook page as well.

Have a lovely day/night! :D

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