Friday, August 8, 2014

New Things Added!

So I have some exciting news! I've gotten 30 page views in 1 day! This is more than I would have expected and would like to thank you guys. It's a new process for me and I want to keep building it up. Secondly, I do have a pinterest account. I'm working on making images so I can actually link information.

I've edited my Author information and Updates on Book pages. Please comment if you can think of additional things I should add. :)

My google+ account is set up now. You can click on it, web site verison for sure, and also you can add me to your circle. :) I'm super excited with how easy it was to set up. Now I just need friends/followers to make it really exciting!

Speaking of followers: on Twitter I've reached 60 followers! Now you guys just need to check in at least once a day. I plan on commenting on other websites about my twitter and blog so hopefully I can keep bringing people in.

One new thing I haven't been able to add is the web domain I bought. I thought it would work because it's one of the sites blogger recommended. However, trying to get it in, is proving to be a challenge. If you have done this please please please help! I generally am tech savvy but this is completely over my head. 

I also plan on finishing my book this weekend. Of course, it'll be the inital draft, but it'll still be great to finish. Then all I need to do is add detail, cut out bad things, edit edit edit, and of course get readers so I can edit it some more. Yay. I'm just hoping that after editing I can finally come up with a name for my book. I don't want to have a cheesy dragon title but something catchy still. 

Most likely I'll post again later. Not quite sure what the topic will be. Hopefully something riviting!

Comments? Know how to help me? Want to be a beta reader? Please comment below. There hasn't been a single comment yet!

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