Saturday, August 9, 2014

Success - How I define it.

Some of you who are crossing my blog are probably wondering what I'm doing. Sure, my book isn't even close to be completed, but I feel my best shot is to get viewers and try to get them to stay. Sure, 70 views isn't a 1,000 but considering in three days I've gotten 70 people's attention means a lot of me. And on twitter I'm getting close to three hundred. Even if half don't even look at my posts, even if only ten people look, I've gotten a few more people to see what I want to do.

Granted, my posts telling you how many views and followers I have may seem a bit self centered. Maybe it's my need to impress others. But, I feel that by showing "Hey I can do this!" it may help me in the long run. And I've gotten no commenters. Now, you may be thinking, eh that's not bad. By having no feedback it is also making me worried.

Am I posting things that people want to read? Are they not commenting because it's ok? Or do they not want to hurt my feelings? I truly don't know.

I could get friends to post on here. But, I've decided not to tell my friends or family about my writing. They'll complain that I need to focus on college and getting a job. They may understand why I need to write this or they'll just count me as another person trying to make it big. Which isn't a complete lie. It would be amazing to have thousands upon thousands of readers. I could feel that my story may influence them as I have felt with other novels.

Even if I self publish and get 100 people to buy it I would be content. It sounds like a low goal but I still see it as a possibility. I don't necessarily want that possibility to come true.

If you're still reading you'll probably think "What makes your book so important?" Well, it's the first book I've felt a true passion for. I've started at least 8+ books, finished one in the 8th grade, but never truly finished writing a book. Even my current book was one that was cast aside but always lingered in my mind.

The book isn't even close to how I started it. Not by a long shot. How a few of my main characters meet is fairly close but it's grown so much. I still worry about making it enough for a trilogy but I know I can make it happen. I have faith that my writing will fall into place. I thought by making this blog perhaps other writers could come forward and say "Hey, I'm doing the same thing!" or even "I've done it!" but sadly it has not happened.

I plan on continuing to post. This wasn't a post I had planned on but perhaps you can understand me more. I would like to get a third post in tonight but, if I don't, I'll post with a topic I had previously mentioned. And, hopefully, I'll have good news to share as well.

As always, please comment if you have a moment.


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