Friday, August 29, 2014

Really Late Night Post!

Good evening everyone! So, I am a bit late on getting my blog post up. I blame Mike Wells (Twitter @MikeWellsAuthor) for his series "Lust, Money, and Murder". I'll put his link at the bottom. The books were so addictive. I have 2 modes of reading: I read the whole thing in less than a week (generally 3 days) or I don't read for months on end. There really isn't a middle ground. And, if I do find a middle ground, I generally don't like that book as much.

Also, when I have free time, I'm going to start making blog posts with what I'm reading. Or, at the very least, I might set up a page with books I've enjoyed. I even have a notebook, which is really outdated, and put the titles and links up. Everyone needs publicity!

Update on book! I'm going to start going through the rest of the book with my tablet and edit. It'll hopefully help speed up the process. :) And, then I'll edit on my computer with my tablet next to me. My goal would be to finish editing by the time I leave for my trip (about a month away) so I think I can do that.

Hopefully you've looked past the ramblingness. I'm tired right now. I'll probably get to see soon and then in the morning have a more coherent post. Good night and please comment if you would like to! :D

Mike Well's Website!

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