Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Short Post + Some editing

Good evening everyone! I'll be having a lot of readings to do this half of the term. So, I may only be able to post once a day, but hopefully I can do more. The readings for Brazil are interesting but sadly very time consuming. Otherwise I only have some papers but no other homework.

I decided to do a tiny bit of editing and I've added some ideas to my paper. I might try to tear up my writing tomorrow after I go through and add ideas. My Thursdays and Fridays I only have 1 class each day so hopefully I can get ahead and have time to edit my writing. I'm really hoping that I can get through my entire book before the trip. :)

I've also decided to stop Word of the Day temporarily. No one had responded if they enjoyed it but I may do it on the weekends. I may do is make a "Brazilian Music" playlist for my music class. I have to respond to music in a journal so I might post updates on what I learn every once in a while. Also I'm going to do one more look through then post that side story to 20 lines.

As always, feel free to comment or send a message. :)

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