Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day One of Editing! + W.o.t.D.

Hello everyone! I finally get to start editing my work! It's a bit scary but really exciting as well. I'm going to go through and add details around characters, since some of them I wasn't officially sure what I wanted them to look like, and I know there are a few chapters that need to be lengthened a little. But, once I add some detail, I'll start printing off the chapters at school. That way I can edit reading off paper and see where I need to fix things.

Otherwise there isn't too much to talk about. Almost to 500 page views, and I've gotten over 750+ followers on twitter. I've started looking into big publishing companies and still haven't decided which route I'll officially take. Tor or Ace would be a really cool company to publish with. I enjoy all the fantasy books they've published.

Words of the Day! Crinose & Dovecote

Crinose - Hairy. Yup, it only means hairy. :)

Dovecote - Housing for pigeons. And also could mean a harmonious group.

Please vote on if you would like me to continue with the Words of the Day. No one has taken the poll so I'm not sure if you all enjoy it or just tolerate it. :) Please comment as well!

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