Friday, August 15, 2014

Seeing a movie tonight!

Hello everyone! I'm going to be working more on finishing up the chapter and I'm still thinking about where I'm going to add extra scenes. As soon as I get that done I can send it off to the editor I've found. :D

I'm going to be seeing a movie, The Giver, and I'll have to share if I like it. It looks like an interesting movie.

Otherwise Twitter is going well and I'm getting a fair amount of views on here. I may join other websites so I can promote my blog! I'm also thinking about updating my blog background as soon as I can figure out the coding.

I have started the page for music so I'll publish it soon. It'll not have links yet but it will. Has anyone created a youtube playlist and made it public? That may be a good alternative but I'll have to play with that for a while. :)

Comments? Please post away!

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