Saturday, August 23, 2014

One more chapter! + WotD!

Hello everyone! The Internet isn't working well today because of the storms.Writing is going well. I'm at the point where I could wrap up my story with a final chapter! I also reached over 200 pages with Ariel 12pt. double spaced and on the full page. I will probably change the font once I've gone through and edited it the first time. But, I prefer Ariel font editing, so at least it'll help.

I've gotten over 400 page views! Thanks everyone. :) Twitter is going very well. I'm exciting that a lot of authors have followed me. Hopefully I can keep learning ways to market my book. I may wait until after the Brazil trip before getting it officially edited. I'm going to do an edit and try to keep working on it before the trip starts. I may also buy a few books to help with editing as well. :)

Please comment if you have used Writer's Market or Guide to Literary Agents from Writers Digest. I'm considering buying the new ones. But, I don't know if they are good, or if I should get a different brand. I have a few free kindle books but haven’t bought any other books for editing.

Words of the Day! 

Raze – To destroy, shave, or scrape something. 

 Purfle– To ornament the edges of an item.

If I do finish my book I’ll make another post tonight. And, if I have any other things I want to bring up. :)

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