Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's still daylight outside!

EDIT: Sorry, for some reason it didn't publish like it was suppose to. :(

Hello everyone! Surprisingly I'm posting while it's still daylight outside! Awesome. Well, I would doing homework but sadly Reader, on Surface Windows 8.1, won't let me highlight stuff. I may check the app store for other pdf readers. Otherwise, I'll wait to print it later. I did manage to get it into One Note but sadly not all of the pages turned out ok. Photocopies of a book doesn't work on the left side. And Word wouldn't let me highlight stuff as well.

So, editing eh. It's going fairly well. Haven't completed the first chapter but I'm getting ideas of more things to add. If I can't find another pdf app then I will be editing. If I can get my editing done early enough I may try to get it sent in before Brazil. But, as I mentioned before, being gone and not being able to micromanage wouldn't be fun. I did find out that I'll have wifi in the hotel in Rio but I'm not sure about Salvador. But, I'll be taking a big awesome notebook I found at Walmart to start writing the second book. It's obviously not my first priority but if I can get even a few chapters done it'll help.

Otherwise not much is happening. I haven't posted on writing websites again. I'm wanting to fix that next week but, with all the readings, I'm not sure how that'll go. I don't have classes next Monday but I have to help clean up around the house. After I read the article for my music class, assuming it doesn't take that long, I'm going to start finding Brazilian music to listen to.

If you want to comment please feel free! Otherwise, as always, please use the contact form. Even if you just want to rant or need someone to talk to I'm on at least once a day.

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