Saturday, August 16, 2014

Long Nights, Early Days

Good morning! My writing has been going great! One good thing is that I've thought of more things I can do. Bad thing, that means it's going to take longer to finish, but I'll be able to add some length. :D I still want to finish by the end of the month preferably.

I stayed up fairly late, past 3am when I last checked, and for some reason this is becoming a normal occurrence. Usually 2am is around my limit but I've been up more now. When college starts up again I'll have to get to bed a little bit sooner. I finally have a term with late classes (12:30 pm!). Trust me, this is late compared to three trimesters in a row with 8:30 classes.

Today I have a social event (my grandpa's new wife is having a family get together) and I have no clue how long that will go on for. I have to leave around 1 to get there and who knows when it'll finish. They're really nice but I want keep writing! But, some social interaction would be nice.

Also, that music page I kept talking about, is sort of up right now! I have a link to the playlist (hopefully it works) and I'll be typing up the list with names & song writers soon. It's not nearly completed but it's at least a start. :D I still need to add Lindsey Sterling (awesome violinist!) and a few other artists.

Twitter is going ok. It's slowed down a bit but not too badly. I'll keep adding people and see if I can get more followers. :D And I'll keep linking my posts back to my blog posts. I also haven't touched my Pinterest account. I need to figure out how to link it back easier.

I've decided to join a bunch of writing forums. Yay! Hopefully it'll keep me active with my writing. Also, after thinking about it while browsing through some of their forums, I've decided that I really want to try traditional publishing first. That way someone else can market my book and help me edit it. But, if I don't have luck, then I'll self publish. :) And, if I do want a job, then I won't have to stress out over promoting, work, and my social & family life.

So, with writing, forums, and school work I'll be quite busy! Forums, sadly, would be the first to go but hopefully I can find a nice balance.

Finalllyyyyyyyyyy, The Giver was a great movie. I really enjoyed it. Although, I wonder if the books are better, but I'll have to read them to see!

Want to comment? Go right ahead! I won't stop you. :)

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