Sunday, August 10, 2014

Quote + updates

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle.

Thanks Bernice Fischer for sharing this quote!

I’ve read a little bit of Aristotle’s work but I hadn’t found this quote. It’s a really interesting concept that I hadn’t really thought of. Sure, we learn information in school, and we have plenty of resources to know now that something is correct. But, what if we accepted everything we thought as truth?

It made me really think about my book. I know my characters, their world, and the whole book isn’t true. But, it would be strange to truly accept it. My first thought is running around in a busy city screaming “Dragons!”. That would be a funny scene to watch.

The same could go for fiction books, tv shows, movies, and other things. Sure, we see certain things that will affect our minds, but generally people can stop with the thought. Granted, there are movies and books based on real events, but we’re always told that it is true. Thanks again for sharing the quote!!!

In other news I’ve realized I haven’t been posting the right links for twitter. My dyslexia had me skipping another / so therefore the links are invalid. I posted a comment last night with the link to my blog so it should be leading people to the right place now. Otherwise, things are going great on twitter, and people are still following me!

Also I apologize if my Success post sounded a bit ranty. It’s just a bit frustrating still trying to get everything set up. On that note, I’ll start working on my pinterest account soon. I posted once and haven’t went back to keep setting them up.

Most likely I won’t get my initial draft done today. I have to pick my grandparents up from the airport and may have to go have dinner with them tonight. Hopefully within the next few days it’ll be complete!
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