Thursday, August 7, 2014

Twitter Account + Some more ideas

Hello! I have 4 looks at my first blog post and 13 page views total! A few were mine but even a person in Poland checked me out. DziÄ™kujemy! I know it doesn't sound like a lot but, considering I posted it late last night, it's really good.

My twitter is offically at @elizabethlight_ ! It was either the underscore at the front or end so I decided the end looked better. My plan is to post my blog posts to twitter to hopefully get some more looks. Also, if you have a twitter and follow me, I will gladly follow you back. It'll help get me more amped for using twitter.

I also plan on making a pinterest account in a little while. Hopefully that can also help with getting more page views. I haven't set up a google+ account yet. Do you use it? Personally I don't know of anyone who uses it. Also I may create an instagram account in the near future.

Some exciting news on my book is that I'm getting close to completing my rough draft. I have to finish up a chapter and write at least one more chapter. Then my plan is to go through in order to add detail and add a few more scenes. I'm also thinking about adding some more races to the book. I won't be adding too many but maybe 2 that they know of and then 2-4 more that they learn about later on.

On a side note has anyone used bookbaby to publish? If I do go the self publishing route I'm very interested in them. However, I would like to make sure I could do promotional contests for my novel with them. Or, if you've used a different company, please comment how it went and if you like it!

Have a comment? Know another website I should be on? Want to give your two cents? Please comment!

I'm going to be heading off to my internship in a bit and then writing more tonight!

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