Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Updates + New - Word of the Day!

Hello everyone! I'm getting a late post in. I woke up late, had to get my car taken in, and then had to run errands with family. Yay. I won't get my car back until tomorrow or later. Hopefully sooner!

Updates: After I write the blog I plan on writing more for my story. I've been trying to decide if I should bring a character in sooner. I think I will so that character can bloom more for the second book. And it'll add a good chunk into my story. I only have a few more chapters before I call it "done". I have to go through and then edit everything. But, having it go later and being closer to school time, means I can print it out there.

I'm still debating on how I want to approach the ending of the second and third book. I might take what I wanted to do for the 3rd book, put it in the second book, and then make a new adventure for her in the third book. It's tough debating this. I could have her go out, by herself, and get to explore the land more. Or, I can do more in the second book, and then have my third book stay the same.

Other than that Twitter is going good! I'm going to start posting on those online forums and I'll put links in my About me section once I'm active. Also, make sure to check out my music page because I have the playlist of music I listen to. It's not nearly complete but it's a good start.

Word of the Day!

So, I need to bump up my vocabulary because I love when books have new words! I've subscribed to Merriam-Webster, Dictionary, and I found Word Think that is interesting as well. I'll include the links in the bottom of this. If everyone enjoys reading these, I could make a Word of the Day page and include past words and all the links there.

Words: Votive & Cavernous
Votive- This is essentially a vow. But, it can also mean what the wish or desire is for the agreement.

Cavernous- This is a cavern but is more of a describing word of how the size and effect of it is.

I'll probably get better at explaining these without copying the exact definition. As you can see, the words of the day have a link, so you can click on it to see the official definition. I'll also try to find other websites that may offer more of a variety (like Business, Law, etc) so I can include those as well.

I believe that's it.  I'll make another blog post if I, somehow, finish the book. Could happen but I wouldn't hold my breath. I think I'm going to keep adding and adding to it!

Merriam Webster - Word of the Day
Dictionary - Word of the Day
Word Think - Word of the Day

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