Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Midnight Post! + 8/20 W.o.t.D.

Good evening/early morning! I got caught up watching The Amazing Spiderman 2 and truthfully haven't gotten much writing done today. I think after this blog post I'll try to write for another hour or so on my story. :) I still can't decide on whether or not I want to keep my orignial plot for the trilogy or change it. The third book could be predictable or unexpected. While I don't want it to be too predictable, I'm afraid my unexpected might be too far off, and my readers might not want to read it.

But, I have a fourth side story already plotted in my mind. It won't have my main characters constantly in it but I think the different point of view might make it enjoyable. Speaking of plots, I've decided that I might start up a side story to work on. I found the app 20 lines (link for the website below) and might start up a story. I can't guarantee it will happen, especially with college coming up quickly, but it's definately on my radar. The website is free so everyone could read it.

Social media is going fairly well. I currently have 660+ followers! That alone is very exciting. I keep receiving updates for my Google+ but I haven't gotten around to doing more with it. I think I might leave that and other platforms of social media out of the way for the moment. It's probably stupid but I know I won't keep up with all of them at the moment.

I believe that's it. I'll probably post again in the morning. So, I'll leave you with the word of the day I found quite enjoyable.

Singultus- Now, this seems as if it's a really fancy word. I hate to disappoint, but it can also mean a hiccup. However, it used to be Latin for sobbing.

Have a lovely night/morning everyone! I'll post again in the morning/afternoon. :)

20 Lines (Not just english!) :)

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