Thursday, August 7, 2014

Internship at a Non-Profit

At the end of my sophomore college year I didn't have plans for an internship. But, on the last week of school, my sorority (Epsilon Sigma Alpha) was contacted because they needed someone. Being a local I immediately applied. I was very excited when they contacted me for the internship.

My job there is data entry. It sounds boring but it isn't close to it. Actually, I generally wish I worked there longer in order to get more done! When I'm not entering patient data and fixing it up I'm stuffing envelopes. Now, once again it sounds boring, but it actually is very rewarding. These things that I'm sending out get more attention towards the non profit.

Plus, it helps my boss not have to spend 4-10 hours stuffing envelopes. I couldn't imagine her being able to complete all of her work and get these sent out. She would have to take work home or neglect other things that need to be done. And getting the patient list updated as much as we can easily took 8 hours and I still need to do a little more for the information to be completed.

It's also helped me grow a lot. For example, I now have a more clear path on what I would like to do. I think resource development or a different position at a non-profit would be an awesome job. Yes, the pay might not be good, but I don't think I would feel like it is work. I also now know how to work in an office. And I don't absolutely hate it! I was actually worried about not liking the environment but it's very nice. Plus getting used to normal business days and excel were great experiences.

Only 3 official more days of my internship. It's crazy to think I've worked there over the entire summer. When school starts again I'll be back to working at my colleges cafeteria. I'm actually excited because I enjoy fast pace work. And I generally get a lot of strange looks when I say it's too slow. But I love the staff and I enjoy working there a few hour a week.

Do you have an interesting internship story? A story on a job? General comments? Comment away! :)

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