Monday, August 25, 2014

Late night post + 2 w.o.t.d

Good evening! My first day back to college was good. Sadly, for my art class, we have to do weaving with a loom. I'm not the best at it. But, towards the end of class, I was sort of getting the hang of it. That class is only meeting MW unless we need more time. And the Political Science class was interesting as well.

I've been doing the readings for a class tomorrow night and it took so long and I haven't finished yet! And normally I can read articles ok but these took forever. But, I did learn that in Brazil they thought it would help the inflation if they closed every one's bank accounts for a year. Being a business major, I didn't stop freaking out about that, until a little bit ago. (I mean really just close it and say come back in a year. -.-)

My only big book update is that I've printed off my first chapter to start editing. But, because of all of my classes so far wanting to get as much done before the trip, I don't think I'll be able to get it edited until after the trip. I would trust the editor it's just my stress, and micromanaging at times, wouldn't be able to tolerate it.

Hopefully, I'll be able to connect online, because I only plan on taking my tablet and my iPod. I know that I sound really American right now but that's a downsize considering I'm addicted to my iPhone. It's pretty pathetic but it's my portable gaming/talking device. I wanted to take my kindle, two words - Portable Books, because I know that has a fairly long battery life. But, it's another device to deal with, and my tablet has the app for kindle.

Words of the Day! Ethos & Operose
Ethos - It's a word to characterize either a person, group, etc. Fairly broad meaning.
Operose - Means tedious and wearisome.

Well, I better head off to bed. I still have about 15 pages of reading left to do, but I don't have classes until 2:30, and I wanted to get ahead with another reading. If I have time in the morning I'll start looking over my story and attempt to harshly critize it. And I plan to add some more to it, for example the different races, so that'll be a bit easier to incorporate.

Annndddd I'm writing a side story for 20 lines. I figured if I make a Science Fiction that might help me with not geting too mixed up with my writing. Only bad thing is that my story is in first person while the side story is in 3rd person. But, I figured I could do a few short chapters, and if it really gains ground I may work on it as a future novel. :)

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